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Outsourcing solution where we support our clients on all the Procure-to-Pay (P2P) activities involved in their business: sourcing of OEM parts and materials, negotiation and purchasing, shipping & logistics, and financing. 

This approach reduces drastically the supplier base and the costs associated to it, rethinks the allocation of resources, and gives way to leaner operations while keeping operational costs under control. 

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A comprehensive solution where not only we provide support to our clients on the Procure-to-Pay value-adding activities, but we also hold inventory readily available for those OEM parts frequently used as part of the manufacturing operations of our clients. 


This solution is best served in markets where OEM parts have long delivery times, import procedures are long, complex and costly to perform. 

Depending on the destination, this solution can be implemented under different formats. For more information on our VMI solutions, please contact us at:


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