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Strategic location in Asia, allowing us to access a vast network of OEMs and their manufacturing facilities in that part of the world


The French office is our main location, and the place where we connect our services to our client base 

United States

Our US office allows us to have direct accounts with the world's most recognised OEMs, and complements our strategy to be present in almost all continents

Our locations

About us

GREENFORD is a leading provider of outsourcing solutions in the field of Supply Chain Management with more than 17 years of experience in the emerging economies in Africa.

Our client base is composed mainly by Multinationals having manufacturing operations in these emerging markets. Because of the nature of their businesses and the complexities involved in handling the Supply Chain, our clients rely on us to help them implement solutions that will rationalise costs, lower risk, and create leaner operations; thereby allowing them to focus in their core business where they generate the most value

Our office is located in Dubai in the heart of the Middle East, recognized as one of the world's economic hubs. An area of the world where the vast majority of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have manufacturing facilities, and distribution networks with whom we hold business ties.


Our presence around the world is reinforced by our offices located in Europe, and the United States, creating a network with more than 6 000 OEMs known worldwide. This allows us to offer you a comprehensive solution when it comes serving your Supply Chain needs, and to do so "literally" from almost anywhere in the world.  


As part of our organisation, we own a 1800 m2 warehouse facility where we stock, consolidate, inspect, package, and ship out all the cargo to our clients. This facility is located at a short 45-min ride to the airport and sea port. This strategic location allow us to connect with the African markets in a swift manner.  

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